3 difficulties of Bloggers

Here are some most common hitches of bloggers who have just started their blog. In my previous post I have told you about some problems which directly redirect you to your parents who think that you are wasting your valuable time for blogging when you must have to read your books all the time. This is really a great problem as all parents cannot/don’t understand the actual value or blogging. Today I am again going to tell you what kinds of problems may a blogging face when he/she is just starting a blog as passion.

Your Exams:

I know that exams are the key of success if you really want to read your books. But if you are different from others, I mean if you aren’t want to read your books or even you aren’t want to give your exams, what are you saying? I am sure that you family members also tell you such like some speeches so that you would like to leave your blog instantly.


Yes! Parties are very much rhetorical for everyone’s daily life. I also attend many parties in every weeks. But for this, you must have a proper planning. Otherwise, if you are a new blogger of this blogging world, you may lose your Alexa rank as you would not get so many visitors (you know that beginners get visitor if you publish several posts in each day). You have to write your blog posts before that day or you can reorder you’re your old posts.

Internet Connection

You cannot do anything if you have a data connection with low bandwidth or your internet loses its connection frequently. So, you must have a good internet connection. But for this, you also need money and generally, school students has not so much money to spend every month for a well data connection.
I think you have also faced different kinds of problems. Share with us as a comment.

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