How to Create Chrome App in 2 Minutes

You know that Google Chrome is one of most prevalent web browsers out there. Thousands of web developers are making millions of extensions, themes and apps for various purposes. Sometimes, their apps are great and sometime not. But after considering everything, there is no alternative to Chrome Web Store. You can also install Chrome extension on Opera and vice versa. Anyway, after seeing a lot of browser apps, today I have decided to create a Chrome app with the help of How-To-Geek.

Why you should create chrome app?

Before explaining, I should tell you what actually Chrome app is. Though I am not a developer, I could explain you to understand the definition. Whenever you install a fresh Google Chrome on your system, Chrome offers five apps i.e. Google, Gmail etc.

You can access those mentioned sites by just pressing the icons. So, suppose you want to open Facebook like them. What you will do? You can either create bookmark or you can create chrome app for Facebook without having any expert knowledge.

How to create Chrome app?

Before staring, you need a .png image of 128 x 128 pixels. It will be logo of your app.

Then hit this link and download a .zip file which contains a demo. You can find a manifest.json and an icon.png file. Open the .zip file and extract that. Then replace your logo with given. [Note:- Your logo should have icon.png as the name.]

After that, open the manifest.json file with any text editor <Top 3 Text Editors for Developers> and make some changes like following;

Blog Name = Your Site Name

Blog Description = Very Short Description About Your Site

Blog URL = Enter Your Full URL (Ex. –

Now save this file.

You have almost done!

How to install this chrome app?

Open Google Chrome and navigate to Tools and Extensions respectively. Then check the Developer mode and press the button that says Load unpacked extension. Therefore, you have to choose the desired folder.

That’s all! Now you can find your logo which indicates that you have successfully installed your chrome app.

Video: How to Create and Install external Chrome app:-


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