How to Change Android Lockscreen using MagicLocker

Though there are so many tools to edit or redesign Windows lock screen or entire Windows environment but it is little bit tough to do the same thing with Android. You have two options to change Android lockscreen. You can either use a launcher which takes a lot of memory or use a lockscreen changes such as MagicLocker.

When/Why should you change Android lockscreen?

Suppose, your default lockscreen doesn’t have not so useful options but you want to access your music player right from the lockscreen. At this situation, you may use Quick Launch Social Lockscreen or Simply Lockscreen which will let you add some options in your lockscreen.

How to change lockscreen using MagicLocker?

This is however very easy. Just download a copy of MagicLocker from Google Play and activate it to get effect.

Key features:

  • Change lockscreen
  • Add call and SMS button in lockscreen
  • Access music player from lockscreen
  • Change font for time
  • Change font color
  • Various time effect layer
  • Gradient color
  • Flow speed
  • Glow radius
  • Date format
  • Date position
  • Music player style
  • Custom theme
  • Lock screen security
  • Full screen
  • Custom notification bar
  • Activate/deactivate vibrator

After activating a theme, you can find the following screen which asks whether you want to customize your theme or not.

Change Android Lockscreen using MagicLocker

That’ it! Hope this MagicLocker would help you a lot to change Android lockscreen.

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