Wikipedia for Windows – Get Wikipedia on Your Windows Phone and PC

Wikipedia is the best online encyclopedia which covers millions of topics and their details in an expertise format. Generally Wikipedia is a website that can be accessed from any internet browser. For this you need to have a active internet connection.

A windows user can use Wikipedia as usual like any website. An additional offline support is also available only for Wikipedia Windows user. WikiTaxi is a Windows application that let you browse, read, search any topic from Wikipedia offline. So WikiTaxi can be called offline Wikipedia for Windows Os.

WikiTaxi uses Wikipedia backups to provide exact wikipedia like experience offline. It only supports wikipedia dump files in format. Just download a backup file and import it to WikiTaxi database using WikiTaxi Importer.

The only dispute of WikiTaxi offline Wikipedia is that you can not see any picture for offline browsing from Windows. The main reason behind that to limit the back up file size at a certain level so that it can be carried using Flash drive.

WikiTaxi_importer.exe application file help you to import Wikipedia back up file. It takes near about 1 hour to import and file conversion for WikiTaxi. The time varies depending upon the dump file size and your computer’s processing speed.

If you import the file properly to WikiTaxi then WikiTaxi will display pages exactly in Wikipedia style. Now you can search for anything from Wikipedia offline. It supports advance wikipedia searches. WikiTaxi is available only for Windows Os users.

Wikipedia for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Users

For Windows PC: A Windows 8 User can take advantage of Wikipedia application to launch and read articles direct from Windows 8 desktop available at Apps Store of Windows 8.

official Wikipedia for Windows 8

It is the official Wikipedea App for Windows 8 users and you can read Wikipedia articles in different available languages right from your Windows Desktop. This application allows you to direct share Wikipedia articles and even you can select any page for future reading.

For Windows Phone 8: Wikipedia for Windows Phone 8 is the best apps in Windows marketplace. It is supported to Windows 8 phone and have lots of advanced feature like live tiles, voice command, speech recognition, protocol extension, NFC sharing etc.

This application supports over 100 languages. Just like WikiTaxi it supports offline browsing of Wikipedia articles. With this application Windows Phone 8 users get some special features like viewing Wikipedia articles around your location, view articles in summarize form, share a Wikipedia article on Facebook, Twitter or email it by generating a QR code.

Just like windows 8 Wikipedia app, it supports ‘Read Later’ and ‘view previous version of articles’. In a video tutorial Wpcentral describes how Wikipedia works on Windows 8 phone.

This Windows phone software is completely free without any advertisement. Hope this article helps you to use Wikipedia from Windows Os in a better way than ever before.

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