How to keep your Blog running smoothly – Top practices

Naturally, if you are behind a blog and the only person of that blog, then you must have to struggle a lot. Every day, you must have to take a glance on your overall weblog.

Let’s take a look on these points.

Which version you are using?

WordPress is a famous blogging platform that is used by millions of blogger. And WordPress update their version once in one year. You should use the latest version of your WordPress software as there may be several updates which can help you better than previous version. Before a few days, WordPress has unveiled a version, V3.5, which is quite handy to use. But as per Susan Gunelius’s recommendation, you should use it.

Update Plugins

WordPress has a roof which covers with tons of beautiful and businesslike plugins. Every plugins’ developers launched updates frequently. You should update your plugin whenever, you get an update of your used plugins. Why? You know when do developers launched an update? No? They released an update when they get success to find or add an extra and helpful object in their previous tool. That’s why I suggest you to use every updates as soon as probable.

Check Broken Links

Use assorted broken link checkers to optimize your links. There may be miscellaneous problems i.e. server time out, 404 error, 307 not redirection etc. with your existed links. These kinds of links are too much worsened for any blog as admins of those blogs regard Search Engine Optimization. You should check your links with the help of any broken link checker.

Prevent Spamming

Prevent anyone from spamming on your blog. Akismet has already extended its helping hands to us to help to prevent anyone from spamming. Spammers can spread spam through comments, backlinks and so on. Akismet is an appropriate plugin for WordPress users. It can detect spam comments automatically. But the next step of detection will must be yours’. That is, you should delete them frequently. Don’t stuff your database with spam comments. To impede spam backlinks, you can use ping notification. Whenever, any blog or website gives a backlink to your any blog page, it will knock you. You can check that backlink minutely.

Social Activities

When you start a blog, you are not famous. No one doesn’t know about your blog. That’s why you should use social bookmarking websites as they may send a few readers for your blog. Though in my previous article, I have told the secret trick to get more traffic through Facebook, now I also recommend you to use twitter. If you don’t have a basic knowledge of twitter, you can use it for a weak and make some followers as well as increase the following list. This is one of the top secret of increasing the follower list. Try the automatic tweet system via feed. You can also enable the hash tag for your tweets. This is too much helpful to find a tweet easily.


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