Best Free Antivirus for Android (with Anti-Theft)

You know that hacking and malware are interlaced with each other. This kind of issue comes at any time to your digital gadgets such like phone, computer etc. So, you need a malware detector which will relatively give real-time protection instead of manual scanning. But choosing of the best antivirus for android is tough enough since there are so many tools on Google Play and other third party resources.

Today I will solve your daily problem by giving some significant information about best free antivirus for Android so that you can protect your device correctly. Even though I have formerly introduced some spyware detector, you can also make use of these following tools.

Best free antivirus for Android:

Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Theft:

Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Theft

Avast is the best antivirus for Android that has even been developed by any kind of developers. You know that Avast is a popular antivirus since past few years for Android and Windows. It offers every kind of protection that should give by a spyware detector. There are two main features those are helping users very much. First, Super malware detector and second, Anti-Theft that let you get your phone back. Although Avast comes at free of cost and in premium version, the free version is not yet so bad while comparing with premium version.

Key features of Avast:

Antivirus: it protects your phone with a real-time security. Whenever you install an app from Google Play, it will automatically scan your app for any suspicious things.

Call & SMS Filter: It will filter your incoming call and SMS according to your choice.

Data Transfer: Avast also monitors mobile data transfer.

App Locker: You can lock any two applications using custom PIN.

Backup: You have to install additional app regarding to this.

Anti-Theft: Anti-Theft does what it says. You can locate your lost Android device on Google Map or control that over SMS and Internet right from the Avast website.

Ad Detection: This feature is really good. You can get the complete details of any kind of Ad what you have got during browsing.

Lockout Security & Antivirus:

Lockout Security & Antivirus

Lockout is another popular antivirus for Android and iOS. This is pretty much similar with Avast since it also has a great scanning feature and anti-theft. I like Lockout’s Anti-Theft more than others’ because you can get your device very fast over internet and you can even get direction from you to your phone location on Google Maps.

Key features of Lockout Security:

Antivirus: This option does what it actually indicates. Just like other great antivirus for Android, it also gives real-time security to your phone.

Backup & Restore: You can either create backup right from your phone or over internet at Lockout website.

Anti-Theft: The Anti-Theft feature of this protector is much better than any other tools. You can ring your phone, lock your phone and even Wipe your phone (If Needed). On other end, it will also give you maximum option to get back your phone [Just like Android Device Manager].

Although today I have told about only great antivirus for Android, but you can also use other tools like AVG, Zonar etc. on your device.

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