Best Android Launchers which Change Your Phone

Google Play is the biggest application marketplace which supports Android. Any Android user can download/buy tons of apps, games, eBooks etc. right from that Android market. Some people say that Free & Best never comes together. But Google Play made it wrong since there are so many free applications which have no alternative out there.
Anyway, there is a term, Android Launchers, which could give you a different experience from your same phone. You can use two different modes on one Android phone/tablet. This is something like dual-boot on PC.

Best Android Launchers:

It Appears when You Press Home Button

Nova Launcher:

This is one of the best and light-weight launchers for Android which comes at free of cost on Google Play. You can transform your boring Android phone to a new kind of gadget with the help of this Android launcher. Generally, the core launcher comes at free but you have to buy some of its features by spending a few dollars.
You have to full control over your phone after using Nova Launcher. For example, you can change the default environment of your phone. In environment, the Google search bar, icon, dock come. You can also rename any icon by tapping. This is also possible to change the number of row and column, width and height of column, search bar preference. On other end, you can show or hide the shadow, enable or disable infinite scrolling, show or hide folders and apps, add a dock on home screen, customize the added dock in terms of icon limit, height & width of icon, divider etc. <Download Link>

Go Launcher Ex:

This is another evergreen launcher for Android which is quite like a framework. Means, whenever, you want to install some themes on phone, you need Go Launcher Ex because most of them have been made on this launcher. Otherwise, you can also install it separately.
Actually, it comes with so many additional features such like Clean Master, Go Backup, File Master, Go Locker, 3D Launcher and so on. Some of their files are almost in that app when you have to download the rest from Google Play.
I love this since it also has an option which tells you about running apps. Just open your menu and navigate to Running tab. You can also sort your installed apps in Alphabetical/Latest installed first order to get something faster.
Go Launcher Ex
Go Launcher Ex also helps you to hide or unhide any application from the regular menu screen. <Download Link>
There are also so many features in these two Android launchers but you have to use them to get.

Why you shouldn’t use Android Launcher?

There is no doubt that Android Launchers are very good in terms of doing something interesting with your old phone. But you know that nothing is perfect and after considering a few couple of thing, Go Launcher Ex is less good than Nova Launcher even when it has more features.
Best Android Launchers
Go Launcher Ex is great when you have a lot of space on your internal storage since it takes so much memory.
Otherwise, using of a launcher on your Android phone/tablet is a just brilliant idea.

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