How to Embed Responsive Instagram Photo and Video on Any Webpage

Technology is being more advance day by day and to strive with them this is also very important to become update consequently. Every day, a new gadget is launching to this market and just after a few days, it becomes old.

From the time of Web 2.0 era, technology has become more advanced than aforementioned. Millions of developers are doing their best to create a stimulating web application to do something faster. And yes! This is seriously factual as you can do anything quicker with web tool than software even when it is portable.

Leave it! That is a different story. You know that Instagram is a part of this new Web 2.0 period. This is badly a major image and video sharing platform where you can upload square size (You can actually upload any dimension image though.) image and small video clips.

Previously, I have talked about how you can download video from Instagram, and I think that is really accommodating. Instead of watching a video online, this is truly a great choice to download and watch them offline when you have a good data connection.

Official way to embed Inatagram photo or video:

A few days back, Instagram publicized their video sharing proficiency and just after more few days of announcing, they added a new tool that lets you copy the embed code of your photo or video. You can get that after opening a particular photo or video.


This is initially a very good option when you can also use Embed Instagram app, which has been developed by Amit Agarwal.

Both are decent and not yet so time-consuming. Nevertheless, there is a problem with both. They only generate the embed code, which is one of your basic prerequisites.

However, they don’t make it responsive.

Responsive theme loads according to the screen size of that gadget where from it is being opened. If you are using blogspot and didn’t enable mobile theme hereunder, your embedded photo or video will be loaded well. Even so, if you have enabled mobile theme, you might face problems. But if you are using a responsive theme on your WordPress blog, it will be loaded according to your theme/screen size.

How to embed responsive Instagram photo and video?

Instead of understanding these mind-breaking lines, just head on to Embed Responsively. This is a prodigious web tool and helps you to embed different social media posts responsively including Instagram.

You can embed YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion videos, Google Maps, Instagram photo and video, Vine video; Twitter posts, etc. responsively by making use of this web app.
To embed an Instagram photo/video, just go to the homepage of Embed Resposively and enter the photo/video URL. Then press the Embed button.


After that, you will get a code that you have to add in your webpage.

That’s it! You have almost done! Hope these tools may perhaps help you a lot.

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