Top 3 Android Alarm Apps – Free & Paid

When I was in my high-school, I always face a problem due to wake up. I was not able to wake up in early morning for tuition. However, now I have not any problem. How do I solve my problem? Simple, now I use Android and some Android alarm apps alternatively.

Best Android alarm apps:

Android Alarm Apps

Alarm Clock Plus

This is one of the best Android alarm apps that works like in-built alarm system. Although it comes with fewer options, but you can fulfill your demand with the help of this tool. You can set unlimited number of alarms. On other ends, this is also possible to choose your lovable music at alarm tone. Suppose, you have selected 7am as an alarm, but now it is really a bad weather. So, it will automatically speak the time and weather before play the alarm tone. You can choose the snooze time when running the alarm. Alarm Clock Plus also offers to feature the flashlight along with your alarm tone.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

I love Alarm Clock Xtreme as an Android alarm app since it plays the alarm tone slowly. This app has random song alarm, gentle alarm, math to snooze or dismiss alarm, snooze via shaking and so on. This is a free version app when you have to pay few dollars to get the ad-free version. From settings, you can change notification icon, screen brightness, snooze button, screen orientation, 24-hour or 12-hour format, vibration, shake sensitivity, math settings, keep the screen on or off during countdown, sound type, allow or disallow vibration, snooze method, time to maximum volume, auto-dismiss duration, backup and restore alarm and more others.

Wave Alarm

This is one of my most favorite tools in terms of Android alarm apps. I like it since it accepts hand-waving. You can easily snooze alarm by waving your hands over the proximity sensor of your phone/tablet. It also has a gorgeous user interface with brightness control, real-time weather notification and more. From the setting’s pane, you can enable or disable full screen, sleep, finger settings, alarm volume and screen color.

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Alarm Clock Plus, Alarm Clock Xtreme and Wave Alarm are most common and high-rated Android alarm apps, which come at free of cost on Google Play. Did I miss something? If yes, then do let me know via comment.

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