How to Monitor Android System Performance

Android is a high rated mobile operating system. There are so many functions and apps on various websites like Google Play for Android. There are also so many hidden features/ hardware in your Android phone to run those above mentioned things smoothly.

To run them for a long while, maintenance is one of the most useful things that should be done wither by manually or by automatically with pertaining applications. Here, I am going to give some info about top two Android system monitors those are obtainable for Android 4.0 and up.


Usemon, the short form of Usage Monitor, is such a great Android system monitor that might be a complete solution if you really want to collect your phone or tablet performance. You can easily use this application if you have an Android 4.0 or later versions phone. This is a freeware which is available on Google Play. Usemon is comes with fewer options since its developers believe on simplicity. You could get a detailed graph of CPU usage, RAM usage, and network i.e. data connection usage and so on right from single screen.

Key features of Usemon:

  • Monitor entire performance including CPU, RAM, Data connection
  • Manual logging
  • Auto logging
  • Download and upload speed
  • Graph is different color so that you can check them minutely

Use of this software is very easy but you must have knowledge about Android CPU, RAM etc. Otherwise, you cannot understand anything.


CPU Z is mainly for detecting problems on your CPU. The second and last feature of this app is you can get every kind of details of your hardware. This is also possible to get every kind of system details such like phone manufacture, core hardware name, kernel architecture, kernel version, total RAM, available RAM, Battery health, battery level, battery technology, voltage, sensor accelerometer and so on. Everything you will get under one app/screen. This is very easy to determine issues with the help of CPU Z.

Although today I have mentioned only two apps to monitor Android systems performance, so many app are there on Google Play or other third party resources.

Download:- UseMon, CPU Z (Google Play)

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