5 things to know before buying Hosting

Here are some small things that you must know before buying hosting. Web hosting make your blog more viewable all over the world.

There are so many hosting providers i.e. Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, InMotion Hosting and many others. Though I don’t know which provider is the best but I can give you some knowledge if you don’t have used any hosting provider.

Generally, everyone chooses US servers as these are faster than any other servers. Though it charges higher than anyone but still it’s too good to start a business blog. There are several kinds of hosting plans. For example, Business plan, Baby plan, Hatchling plan. There are also so many plans between these parent plans. You have to care all those things whenever you will go to buy a hosting to build your blog or website.


This is a huge matter. If you want to just create a blog, you can buy small plans like Hatchling plans. In Hostgator, they just charge $4.96 (without any offer). But if you want to build a professional website, you can buy baby or business plan. In Bulehost, they just offer only one kind of plan and it charges only $ 6.95. if you are an Indian and want to buy hosting in INR, you can choose Godaddy or Hostgator because they accept debit cards.


Bandwidth is also an important thing. You must have to check all plans’ space. Generally, Hostgator offers Unlimited space for any kinds of plans when Bulehost, Dreamhost are also in one group. But Godaddy offers only 10GB space in Economy plan and 150GB space in Deluxe plan. But in their Ultimate plan, you can get unlimited space.


Hosting is not enough when you also have to care on domain. In Hostgator baby plan, you can add unlimited domain as an add-on domain but you can’t do so in Hatchling 5-things-to-know-before-buying-hostingplan. Bluehost also offers unlimited domain.


You also have to check whether your hosting provider will help you every minute or not. It is too much helpful for anyone at any time. Generally, all hosting providers help you in every minute but still you should check it minutely.

Data transfer/ File transfer

The file transfer should be high as this is very much important. You can transfer your database from one hosting to another hosting at your growing time of your blog. Suppose your hosting provider offers only 50GB space for transferring and your blog’s memory is 51GB. Then you can’t transfer your blog.

These are some small tips to know when there are also so many things which you must have to know before buying a web hosting. You can take the help you some professional bloggers as well as your friends and relatives who has efficient knowledge about this.

I hope these are looking very much helpful for you to choose the perfect hosting for growing up your blog. Happy Blogging. We use InMotion Hosting which doesn’t accept porn sites. You can get also get 50% discount on first invoice.

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