How to Recover Deleted Files, Folders and Deleted Partitions from PC

Accidentally we sometimes delete files, folders or even partitions from our Windows computer. A very few occasion we have to delete everything from computer hard-disk as well. There are several free or paid versions of ‘file recovery software’ like Recuva to get back those deleted files. But these kinds of Windows utility will never be able to recover deleted partitions along with all existing data from a Windows hard disk.

Active Undelete is such a Windows utility which can recover deleted files, folders and damaged or formatted partitions from a Windows system. One can manage every partition of a Windows computer with this offline Windows utility.

There are basically three part in ‘Active Undelete’ Windows edition. Data Recovery Wizard, Partition Management and Disk Recovery Management. Active Undelete’s advance recovery explorer can be very useful to undelete files and restore partitions. This software can recover data from local drives and drives within the same network. Here, network drives means SD card, flash drive etc.

Now with what type of file system will Active Undelete work? Basically Active Undelete can work with various file system like NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 etc. on any Windows OS including server version of Windows. Additionally Disk Image feature of this software can create disk image to protect your data from further deletation.

Before mention how to recover deleted files, folders and partitions let me indroduce some basic features of Active Undelete file recovery management.

Recover Deleted or Formatted Files and Folders with Active Undelete

how to recover deleted files

The main feature of Active@ Undelete is to recover deleted data from a hard drive. To recover in deleted data just scan the drive from where the data were deleted. Search the scan results and select what is necessary for you and double click on it to preview it.

Check the files that you want to recover and just press “Recover Checked” option to recover the deleted file. Note that you can’t recover all the deleted files and folders. Check the status of the file. If the status shows Healthy only then you can recover it. A file/folder with Bad status can’t be recovered.

How to Recover and Restore Entire Deleted Partition with Active@ Undelete

recover deleted partition
Active@ Undelete is very handy when accidentally some of your drive full of important data becomes corrupted or deleted. The Restore Partition feature of Active Undelete will be the only solution for you then. Just Open ‘Scan Disks’ feature and Select a Physical Drive to scan. Set the ‘Scan Results’ Location. Then scan and recover deleted partition, then restore it.

Active@ Undelete can be available in four different editions. Active@ Undelete Enterprise version is best to them. However a lite freeware vesion of Active Undelete is available for free download, but one should buy a professional or Enterprise Edition to get maximum utility.

I have covered a video to introduce the readers with most essential features of Active@ Undelete.

There are many freeware available in market but I find Active@ Undelete best for recovering deleted files, folders and partitions of a Windows management.

Download and Buy Active@ Undelete from HERE

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