What’s Running – Best Task Killer and Task Manager Alternative for Windows 7

You know that there are so many tasks those are running uninterruptedly in your computer. You may perhaps get an ephemeral outline of your running processes and tasks if you will open your in-built Task Manager. But I previously mentioned that Windows 7 Task Manager is not yet so good that could detect all running programs. In this term, Windows 8’s Task Manager is far better.

So, if you are getting a wicked familiarity because of your slow computer, you can either use an uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller, Your Uninstaller or use a task killer to stop unusual processes. This is true that more than limited tasks may harm your PC and give you a slow computer.

So, today, here is a Windows app which is known as What’s Running. It will help you to stop various services and tasks.

How to kill tasks using What’s Running?

This is however very easy to do. Just right click on selected task and choose Stop Process. That’s all!

What’s Running

If you are looking for a task killer then here is the end. But no, this software has more than just a task killer.

Processes: Processes section of What’s Running shows all running processes. To stop anything, just do whatever I mentioned above.

Services: Services tab will display all running services. (Suggestion: Don’t stop a service of which you don’t have much knowledge)

Modules: You can find all running .dll files. To get more information about one running module, just click for once on that specific file.

IP Connections: Whenever you connect to internet from your PC, Microsoft will start tracing via Location menu. (You can find it in your Control Panel). So, if you don’t want to be traced, just go to this tab and stop them.

Drivers: Not only processes but also installed drivers run even after closing corresponding program which may cause of slow computer. Now, you can stop them easily.

StartUp: Just like Windows Uninstallers, you can manage startup programs as well from What’s Running.

System Info: If you have forgotten something about your hardware, you can go to this tab to get every kind of information.

Now, you have finished. This software has not any features apart from them. So, download and run this tool. Do let us know if you have any problem.

Download:- What’s Running

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