Your Uninstaller – Another Windows Uninstaller and The Best Alternative to Revo Uninstaller

You know that no one can uninstall any installed software completely for his/her Windows computer. In fact, this is very difficult to find out all consistent files from C drive (C is your system drive) and registry files from Registry Editor. This is the main reason why people cannot install a trial version of software in multiple times. That’s where Windows uninstaller comes in.

Earlier I made known to Revo Uninstaller and mentioned that there is no alternative to this. But once publishing that article, I got numerous appeals to publish another article which will comprehend a momentary review of another Windows uninstaller that has fewer options.

So, today I am going to give you some most significant information about Your Uninstaller which could solve your problem almost instantly.

Introducing Your Uninstaller:

This is a light-weight Windows uninstaller which is supported by every Windows version (32 and 64-bit as well). So, download and install this tool on your PC. Hence, you will come across to a screen that will cover with all installed Windows apps. It automatically sorts out recently installed software also.

It has only seven parts/sections i.e. Software Uninstaller, Startup Manager, Disk Cleaner, Start Menu, Trace Erase, File Shredder and Windows Tools.

Your Uninstaller

To uninstall software through this tool, just select that and right click to choose Uninstall option. That’s all! It will automatically scan whole system for program files and registry files after uninstalling.

Your Uninstaller

Your Uninstaller

Key Features:

Startup Manager: Obviously it will assist you manager your startup programs. At first it will show you a screen of every program that may start on starting. Then you can on or off them by just one click. Don’t forget to Apply settings before closing.

Disk Cleaner: This section scans your hard disk for temporary files. Even though you can do so by typing %temp% in command prompt but that doesn’t show junk files of other drives i.e. D or E.

Start Menu Manager: You can include or exclude any program from Start Menu by making use of this part. It is also possible to manage them by All Users and Current Users.

Trace Eraser: You know that there are several programs those may trace your GPS location. Apart from apps, your browser cookies, history are also main part of those things that may trace your location. So, this is always a good choice to erase all of them. You can do so with this Trace Eraser.

File Shredder: It does what it says. Means you can make unrecoverable delete with this section.

Windows Tools: Windows Tools has all of those Widows features i.e. Group Policy Editor, System Properties, Disk Defragmenter and so on.

There are also two or three tiny features of this Windows uninstaller. Just use this without having any trouble.

Download:- Your Uninstaller

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