How to Uninstall ESET Smart Security from Windows 7

Now a days, the influence of hacking/phishing, malware, spyware is growing up. To compete with all of them, ESET Smart Security is always a good choice which costs 1770 INR for single license. Or you can give it a try by installing the 30-days trial version.

I was just on my way to use Microsoft Security Essential. In fact I have been using this anti-malware for a long while. Everything was good. But someone told me that I should use ESET Smart Security because now a days malwares are approaching indifferent ways. So, I just take his suggestion and give the trial version try. And yes, ESET Smart Security was doing everything very good. I got some suggestions as well from this smart security toolkit and so on.

But due to some reasons, my computer (Which is pretty old in terms of hardware configuration) became slow and then very slow. So, like other five regular guys, I also wanted to uninstall that from my PC and returned to Microsoft Security Essential. But I didn’t find any option wither in Windows Uninstallation section or in Revo Uninstaller (Which I have been using to uninstall any program completely). That was really horrible for me.

Then I try several other Windows Uninstallers also but everything did nothing. At last, I got a procedure to uninstall ESET Smart security within moments.

How to uninstall ESET Smart Security?

This I actually very easy and not yet so time spender.

#1. Note:- Today I am going to show you this uninstallation process which is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and don’t know whether it will be working with other versions or not.

#2. Note:- By doing this uninstallation, you will lose your Network Settings. So, please write down your network settings to anywhere else except your PC. Notebook will be fine actually.

So, at first download ESET Uninstaller by hitting this link and put it in your desktop.

Then, restart your PC in Safe Mode. You can get it by pressing F8 continuously during reboot.

After that, open command prompt (Go to Windows search and type cmd and hit enter) and start typing cd desktop. Therefore, you have to type the following line and hit enter;

ESETUninstaller.exe /reinst

Now you will get a warning and a confirmation message. Just press Y button.

Uninstall ESET Smart Security

After few seconds, you will get entire list of those programs which are belong to ESET family. Check the following screenshot. (I have installed only one program of ESET)

Uninstall ESET Smart Security

Just type 1 and hit enter.

That’s all! After doing the last step, it will ask you to exit from there.

Uninstall ESET Smart Security

Means you have done! Now restart your PC in normal mode.

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