How to Listen Only Audio of Any YouTube Video on Android

You know that YouTube is the prevalent broadcasting website which is accomplished by Google Inc. Millions of vigorous users are there on YouTube who upload videos in every now and then to help others or to earn money.

If you are an Android user, you might know that YouTube is an in-built app of Android OS. You can do probably something extra with the native YouTube app of Android. Few days back, I published an article on PVStar+ which is a great substitute to the YouTube app.

This app is good enough as long as you don’t want to listen only audio of any YouTube video. Yes, you might have this prerequisite like me. Sometime, I wish to listen only audio of some videos and do something else like internet surfing. But the default YouTube app doesn’t allow users to do so.

So, as usual it’s time to find an unconventional app to YouTube that can play only audio even in background and uListen is the unspoiled choice at this moment.

Listen only audio of any YouTube video using uListen:

uListen is probably the best solution of your problem. This is a light-weight Android application and you can grab it right from Google Play.

This is very easy to use and it has not so many options yet. You can only search for video either by channel name or by video name. The player is looking something like the following picture;

Listen Only Audio of Any YouTube Video

You can save any video in your Favorite list or you can watch then in any browser.

That’s all! Hope this little Android app can help you to listen only audio of any YouTube video on your Android device.

Download:- uListen (Google Play)

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