How to Disable Auto Update of Essential Windows Software [Or Even Windows]

With the advent of Web 2.0, there are so many Windows apps those have moved to Web apps. Means, everyday technology is being more advanced. Every day, developers are making tons of software, developing existed software to make them more secure and safe to use.

You can get Update notification on any device like Android, Windows and so on. Sometimes updates bring a better usability and sometimes not. On Windows, it may be a bad thing if your data connection is pretty slow.

This is a common sense that if you have an 8mbps data connection, you will get only 1/8, means 1mbps on average. So, it would be divided according to the number of running apps those are using internet. Eventually you will get a slow internet than regular.

So, if you want to stop them, you can navigate to Windows Update section under Control Panel of your Windows and disable auto-update. But think about it minutely that you are deactivating only Windows system update, not all apps auto-update.

Yes, this is possible to disable auto update of essential Windows software like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, Browser and more others. But you have to do so manually by opening each software. On other end, you might not get the disable option of everyone.


So, here is a Windows application which is called Update Freezer. This is portable software which has minimalist user interface and options as well. You can disable auto update of Adobe Flash, Java, Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Windows and few others.

Disable Auto Update of Essential Windows Software

Using of this tool is very easy. Just download and open it on your PC and click the Disabled button in order to deactivate auto-update.


There is no doubt that Update Freezer is a well-functioned portable Windows app which could provide only a shortcut of deactivating essentials installed Windows software. Otherwise, it doesn’t do anything. On other end, this is very important to be updated with every software on specific date but sometimes it hurts a lot. So, be aware before disabling auto-update.

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