Privacy for Social Networking Sites – Everything that You Need to Know

Privacy always matters; basically for social networking sites like Facebook as major search engines like Google and Bing index those data. Even though almost every social networking site has its own default and strong privacy policy to protect your data from being publicized, but you should take care of it as well.

It’s been a long time ever since I have been using sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+ to share my thoughts and trying to attract more visitors and making friends for this blog. But earlier I had no idea about the core privacy policy of any social networking sites which could maneuver your entire profile efficiently.

So, today I am going to elucidate every option so that it would be accommodating in terms of privacy policy of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You know that people have been using these top three social networking sites for a long while and there are billions of active users of these three sites in total.

Facebook Privacy:

Out of those three sites, Facebook has a stern privacy policy by which you can make your profile private totally. There are lot of useful features those are unavailable on other sites.

Facebook Privacy

You can simply go to here and sign in with your Facebook log in details to check your privacy settings. From there, you will get few couple of options like who can see your updates, contact details and many others.

The first tab is known as Privacy from where you can manage people who can find your stuffs like status update, photos etc. on their timeline on behalf of you. The second option will assist you to manage your contact. Means, you can select a specific circle from which you will get friend request. For example, you can either select Everyone or Friends of Friends. The same settings could have for messages.

Privacy for Social Networking Sites

You know that Facebook requires phone Number, Email ID, HomeTown, Home address and many more to give your suggestion of a detailed friend list. You can lock them down for other to whom you don’t want to show these private things. All of these you will get under “Who can look me up?” section.

The second tab is called “Timeline and Tagging Settings” from where you can manage your timeline to make it neat and clean and sheltered by your own stuffs like photo, status update and so on.

Here are some settings which can change the sceneries so that you can review those stuffs that you have tagged in. All tagged photos will be there in your timeline after approving by you. On other end, you can do just the conflicting thing. Means, you can select person who can see your tagged photos in your timeline.

The last part under Privacy is “Blocking”. Means, you can block your [fake] friends, suspicious accounts and more others. It is also possible to block Facebook app and event invites by your friends or you can block particular authenticated apps after one by one.

So, here is the end of Facebook Privacy you have seen that Facebook can run according to your necessities by dealing with the Privacy Policy in the right method.

Twitter Privacy:

Twitter has not yet so many options in terms of Privacy settings since it’s pretty much different from other social networking websites. You ought to have ingenuity to get more and more followers.

Just hit this link to go to Privacy settings of Twitter. You can find a amalgamation of Security and privacy at the landing page. Navigate to the Privacy tab. The “Tweet Privacy” simply protects your tweets from others who are not following you.

“Twitter Location” helps you to add location as an exif data of your tweets. Means, other can check from where you are tweeting.

The third and last option is “Discoverability” which lets others find you by your associated email. You can just uncheck it.

So, you have seen that this is easier to set a strict privacy by managing only three options in Twitter.

Google Plus Privacy:

I think I have just told you a wrong line since one privacy change could manage your entire Google profile. You know that if you create an account on Gmail, you can access Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Plus and everything that is being developed by Google. So, you should take care of this privacy change.

Anyway, just go to here to open the Google profile privacy settings. The first option is “Search results” which will help you to check how your profile will come in Google search result page.

The next option is “Public profile information” that lets you select what kind of information in your profile you want to make visible to specific person or circle. You will get a screen something like the following picture to change settings;

Google Plus Privacy

The next option is all about “Sharing”. From here you can manage your circles effectively. Means, you can choose who can add more members in your circle or who can post on the circle and many more.

The very next option is “Network Visibility” that assists you to control which people appear on your profile.

After that you can manage the privacy for photos. You can show or hide geo location in your photos, allow or disallow viewers to download your photo and so on.

Although here is the end of Google Plus profile privacy settings but you can also sign in to Google Dashboard to manage all Google products’ privacy.

So, if you have read the entire article minutely, you might have seen that there is a huge part of Privacy in social networking sites. I would recommend you to check them once more whether your profile is in danger zone or not. It won’t take more than 5 minutes but it could save your entire profile.

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