Google Glass – The Most Popular Wearable Gadget [App Store is Coming Soon]

Now a days, computer, mobile, laptop, tablet etc. are the most prevalent gadgets and all of them not yet wearable by default. Even if there are some cases and covers of mobile by which you can confer your phone with your body but that is not yet so good like Google Glass.

Google Glass is one of few standard gadgets those are wearable. This is a project by Google X which is being advanced since past two years. Even though this is not a prescribed glass but Google is trying to replace them with the help of few famous glass producers like “Warby Parker”.

Introducing Google Glass aka Project Glass:

It is a light-weight (Only 50g) wearable glass which is running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) and will be released for consumers at a low cost like $700-$1000 (Price may vary upon country).

Tech Specification of Google Glass:

It’s a wearable computer with Optical Head Mounted Display and running on Android 4.0.4. It comes with a good battery backup since you will get Lithium Polymer battery with Google Glass. On other end, it has Open Multimedia Applications Platform aka OMAP CPU. It is also good in terms of memory as you will get 12 GB of memory for daily usage and 1GB of RAM.

Ever since it is developing for video recording, you will perceptibly get a good recording quality i.e. Prism projector which can record video in 640×360 pixels. On other hand, it has 5MP camera which could record video in 720p.

Google Glass

You have only one major option to run Google Glass and that is Voice Command. As secondary input system, you will get MyGlass Phone app and Touchpad. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro USB charging facilities are also obtainable on this glass.

What you can do with Google Glass?

Though Google Glass is known as wearable Computer, but there are some limitations as well. Anyway, you can record video what you are looking at on street or anywhere else. This is better because you don’t have to put your hands around the camera. Google Glass can record video by your voice command. During record, a light will be blinked but don’t worry; it will not tease you anymore.

There are also some apps like Google Search, Twitter, Text-Messaging app, To-Do List Manager, App for getting latest news and many more.

Can You Run Android Apps on Google Glass?

The simple answer is no. You can only run aforementioned apps assuredly. Why? Because most of apps those are available on Google Play and other third party resources require a high screen resolution to run smoothly. But Google Glass has not such a great resolution like Android phone and tablet.

But I think some famous sites and developers will surely try to develop apps for Glassware. Meanwhile Evernote, CNN, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have already released their apps for Google Glass and thus it became more beneficial.


Google Glass App Store is Coming Soon:

This is good news that an App Store will hash out along with the Google Glass but it is not confirmed whether the store will be combined with Google Play or not.

I think this little bit of piece will be helpful for you to get more knowledge about Google Glass.

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