How to Stop Facebook Ads from Appearing on Your Friend’s Timeline

You know that Facebook is one of the best social networking websites out there which could provide you traffic by promoting your posts or by spending money – Facebook ads. That is ok. There shouldn’t have any problem due to Facebook ads. But that is partially right not by 100%.

There are millions of advertisers and popular brands who spend money to show advertisements on Facebook. Whenever you like a verified page on Facebook, all of your friends can find your like on their timeline. Though Facebook thinks that your friends should know about your likes and dislikes but sometime it may be a problem due to any reason. At this kind of situations, anyone wants to stop Facebook ads from appearing on friend’s timeline.

Why does Facebook use your name and other info for sponsored ads without your permission?

I hope you are thinking about this right now. But you are wrong. In facts, you have given the permission to Facebook to use your info on sponsored ads.

How & when?

You have given so during sign up to Facebook. Check the following image and read the highlighted arena carefully.

Facebook use your name

This your duty to read all corresponding policy, disclaimer and others of any service or any social networking site or even of any blog before applying any change or giving any personal details to them. Otherwise you are far away from legal fight.

How to stop Facebook ads from appearing on your friend’s timeline?

This is however very easy. You know that you can keep an update private by selecting “Only Me”. But here you have to do something different from that. Just go to here or paste the following URL in your URL bar;

Navigate to “Ads & Friends” and click the “Edit” button. Then select “No One” and make sure your changes.

Stop Facebook Ads

That’s all! Now Facebook won’t show your likes on others’ timeline.

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