Get Mac Like Drag and Drop Feature to Create Folder using Smart Folders

iOS and Android has a great facility that can create folder by dragging and dropping files on each other. The same facility was not yet available until releasing Smart Folders. Smart Folder has been developed by Addictivetips. You don’t have to install it on your machine since its portability.

You know that Windows is a widespread computer operating system which provides most user friendly features by using in-built options or by using a third party tool. Or even sometime, portable software works like charm.

If you are looking for a tool that would create folder by dropping a file on a file that has same extension i.e. .png, .exe and many others, Smart Folders can fulfill your demand almost instantly.

Create folder using Smart Folders:

This is however very easy. Just download it by hitting this link. Hence, you have to open it on your machine. You will get a screen something like the following picture;

Smart Folders

Means, you have to register the file type. After that just drag a file on another file which has the same extension. That may be document, image, music, video, installed software or downloaded software or anything. The following screen will be appeared after doing so;

Smart Folders

Now enter a name that suits your folder according to file type.

That’s all! Hope this little portable software could help you a lot.

Video: How to Create Folder using Smart Folders?


If you want to get some additional creativity on your existed system, Smart Folders ought to be your first choice. It works on same location. So, if you want to create folder from multiple locations; it will be difficult and even impossible via this software. On other end, it is portable and it might save some memory of your storage. The other main point is that it is absolutely free of cost and very light-weight – only 400kb.

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