4 Ways to Backup Photos on Windows and Mac – Online and Offline Method

Media files i.e. songs, videos, happy clicks are good enough to make you happy even in a contemptible situation. There were lots of times when I’ve spent time by watching only funny YouTube videos. Anyway, that is a different story.

Previously we covered with several Windows and Android backup utilities like FBackup, Ultimate Backup etc. to make you protected and prevent your data from being lost or damaged by anyone.

But some readers send us feedbacks which contain a request to write another article on any other tutorial to backup photos. So, today I am here to fulfill their demand. Today I am going to assist you with some online and offline options to create backup of your photos. I am bit sure that all of them won’t take your so much valuable time.

How to backup photos?

Actually, there are so many options which are available around you. But we can’t understand them correctly. So, let’s get started with some simple tips.

Cloud Storage:

Cloud storages like Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box.net etc. give some free space so that users can upload their confidential documents and carry them wherever they go. You can simple use them to backup photos. You can upload images via your computer, phone, and tablet or even from the web version. But as a security, you ought to make your profile private so that other people will not find them elsewhere. If you take my suggestion, I would recommend you to create a private email ID and don’t that with anyone. Means, create that email ID only for you to use cloud storages.


Backup Photos

Flickr is the perfect image sharing platform out there. I have been using it for a long while ever since I came across to this. Previously they were giving away only 5GB free memory but now it is 200x. That means, Flickr is giving away 1TB free space to upload and share your photo and I think 1TB is enough space for your million photos. A good digital camera (for daily use) captures a photo which is maximum 20MB. Hence, you can upload almost 1.5lakhs photo.

Social Networking Site:

There are so many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more and most of them provide unlimited free storage to upload and share photos with friends. But who cares about sharing. Just make your profile private and start uploading.

Note:- Be aware of Google Plus’s space since it is now associated with Picasa and Picasa gives only 1Gb of free space.

Burn Picture on DVD/CD:

Few days back, I introduced BurnAware to burn CD and DVD. Just make use of that software. I love this method which creates a hard copy of your files. If you have only few couple of picture to burn, use CD. Otherwise, use DVD to burn tons of pictures. There are many kinds of DVDs. This means, you can buy DVDs of various memories i.e. 4.7GB (common), 8.5GB (by Pioneer) and so on. But you should care of the speed. I would recommend you to choose 4x. it does best.

That’s all! Today I’ve just mentioned only four tactics to backup photos but I am pretty sure that there are also so many ways to do so. What method do you like most? Do share your opinion with us.

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