How to View and Control Your PC Remotely with Android Device

Since Google introduced android it has been becoming a great utility to each smartphone user. There are different applications which let you work wirelessly to control another Pc. Using android application you can control your Pc remotely using your android device. PhoneMyPc is such a brilliant windows utility that let you provide all the functionalities to view and get complete control over a pc and for this you need to acquire an active wi-fi or any internet connection. This application can also be used over general 3G and 4G network connection.

Monitor Desktop Using Android

Let me first introduce about the cool android app ‘PhoneMyPc’. The application is a paid version android application and is available at Google Play store. You can use this application to view a pc remotely. I have found the android application quite useful when the mouse of my pc was not working properly.

The main advantage of PhoneMyPc is – where there is an internet access, you can use your pc direct from your android device there. It works all the time because this application plays an auto play role on Windows start up and no critical configurations are required for this.

PhoneMyPc is a complete installation package which includes an apk file for your android device and a .exe set up file for Windows users. Mind that a Windows user can only be able to install PhoneMyPc only after installing .NET Framework (version 3.5 or newer) on his computer.

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PhoneMyPC is a great app to monitor your children’s activity while they use pc

First of all just download the PC software from this link. Next just follow the instructions to install the software properly on your Windows pc. The setting screen will pop-up after successful installation where you have to put user name, password and computer name that will be used to connect android device with your computer. Don’t dare to use guessable user credentials.

phonemypc desktop setting

Now install and run PhoneMyPc on your android device. You will find the following screen where you have to put proper user name and password to get access to that computer.

homescreen phonemypc

Just press the back button of your android device to get the list of connected pc. Click on a pc from the list that you want to control and monitor remotely.

list of available pc

There are several operations those will help you to handle a pc apart from monitoring. From setting options you can choose behaviour of each button also. Now be ready to watch a movie running on your computer direct from your android smartphone.

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