Glary Utilities – A System Cleaning Software for Windows to Make it Faster

Previously we covered with tons of other system tweak tools on this blog and today I am going to introduce another utility which is called Glary Utilities and it can help several system cleaners and uninstallers and recovery tools as well to be retire. To be fair, I would suggest you to try this since it is pretty light-weight as well as it could do more than one thing to omit other paid tools.

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Though the paid version is copious to to so many things when you can also buy the premium version to do more. But I would not endorse you to do so.

Key Features of Glary Utilities:

Even though this is much absurd for me to mention each feature of this utility but I will try my best to familiarize everything.

Actually, it has three tabs and each tab is brilliant at their own. The first tab is Overview which has some simple options to let you set up your entire system. For instance, 1. You can turn on of off auto-maintenance of you system which could execute by Glary Utilities.

2. Delete all privacy tracks on every shutdown.

3. Check updates automatically whenever you will run this tool.

4. Turn on or off this tool to scan your system densely.

5. A startup manager is also there on the front page.

The second tab is called 1-Click Maintenance which lets you scan your system for Registry Error, Broken Shortcut, Spyware and so on. From Options, you can select or deselect anything to be scanned by this scanner which belongs to Glary Utilities.

Glary Utilities

The most commencing part of this software is the third tab or Advanced Tools. It has so many options by which you can probably control your entire PC and make it even faster.

Glary Utilities

1. Windows Registry: If you are facing any problem due to any suspicious tool, you can simply repair your registry editor from here. On other end, you can defrag your registry prompt. Backup and Restore your registry files is so simple by making use of this option.

2. Disk Space: The first sub-option is “Cleanup” that lets you remove temporary files of different tools and system. If you can recognize multiple duplicate files in your PC but don’t know where they are, use “Remove duplicates” to clean them up. There might have so many folder in your PC but don’t have any file. At this situation, you can use “Remove empty folders”. “Remove broken shortcut” would help you to find out and delete broken paths of your system. The last option, “Explorer disks”, will assist you to analyze your hard drive effectively.

3. System Tweaks: First sub-option is “Free up memory” and it does what it says. It could optimize your RAM to do so. “Browser assistance” will help let you control your installed web browsers.

4. Anti-malware: Obviously it will scan your computer to remove malware.

5. Privacy: This is bit similar to the second option. This means you can erase history or manage shared files. This is also possible to swab free memory lock down specific files as well to protect them from being disclosed by any unwanted people.

6. System Control: The first sub-option, “Startup items”, will help you to manage programs those have been set on Windows starting. The next option will show all running services. On the other end, the next option will open your Scheduled Tasks to get control over them. “Context menus” option is pretty interesting since you can edit your right click context menu. This means that you can include or exclude anything from your right click context menu. “Processes” tab will show you all running processes so that you can optimize them manually to make your PC faster.

7. System Status: From here you can restore your system and undo any change as well. This is also contingent to backup your computer and repair system files.

8. Hard Disks: You can defrag your hard drive or check any kind of error by making use of this tab.

9. Drivers: You know that drivers are must to run a hardware smoother. On the other hand, you should also create backup of them so that you won’t lose them at any cost and this tab is just consummate for you.

10. File Management: File Management will let you split a big file to send them via email. (You can send large file via email though) You know that previously we covered some articles with recovery tools and you can do the same with this “Restore deleted files tab”.

11. Programs: You can uninstall software or check for update of your existed software by making use of this option.

That’s all! This is also very easy to use. GlarySoft is much advance. They have added some essential features as a dock at the bottom of this app.You can also use them fluently.

Download:- Glary Utilities

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