Happy Birthday Versed Tech – Now You are 1 Year Old

A tale about VT and entire dedication:

A normal guy, started his blogging journey after so many up and downs in the middle of the previous year, 2012. In initial days, it was growing up on Google Blogger. Days passed and I shifted my blog on self-hosted WordPress at the end of 2012. There were so many problems during migrate. Blog went down for almost 7 days and I lost all search engine ranking overnight. I still remember the number of Feed subscribers what I had when it was on Google Blogger. Though it is not so much for you but as a starter, 223 subscribers were very high and an inspiration to write more posts.

Anyway, at the middle of December 2012, Versed Tech came live again and I decided not to break down at any cost. Then I had only 20-25 Fans on Facebook Page, 50-60 followers on Twitter and that’s all! Even after so many months of starting VT, there was no Google Plus community or page. Then I started learning SEO. Meanwhile I made another mistake. I changed my blog theme for almost 35-40 times within 7-8 days and hence I again lost all my rankings (Then number of keyword was very low. Only 20-30).

After some days, I realized the fact and kept going with one theme for almost 2.5 month. After that I changed my theme with Elemin from Themify.me and I am using it till now and want to keep going with it.

Just after changing the theme, my blog got affected by Google Panda (not Penguin) and number of visitors went down again. The date was most probably 14th or 13th of March, 2013. Then I read tons of articles to recover blog from Panda and did that successfully. After that no problem occurred on Versed Tech. But the last soft Panda update on 23rd of August, 2013 hit Versed Tech brutally and some other friends’ blogs also got affected.

Meanwhile, Jit Dutta joined this blog as a co-founder. In fact, his dedication was always there behind VT.

Difficult Time for VT:

If you have read the previous paragraph, I think you have realized the problems. Anyway, I would like to sort them out;

  • Lost almost entire blog during migration to self-hosted WordPress from BlgoSpot
  • Lost Search Engine ranking for wrong migrating
  • Again lost Search Engine ranking for changing theme in multiple times
  • Panda Update on 13/14th of March, 2013
  • Panda Update on 23rd of August, 2013

From all of these, I have learnt so many things like how to successfully migrate blog from one platform to another or how to recover a Panda affected blog and many more.

Income from Blog:

Actually, I knew about AdSense from the first day of starting this blog but never implemented that like pro. In fact, still I am not using money making sources effectively on this blog. 2-3 months back, I embedded some AdSense ad codes in my blog and did some optimizations to increase earning. And I got my first AdSense cheque with $145 in last month and I will get $106 in the upcoming month.

Apart from AdSense earning, I participated so many giveaway contests for 2 months and I won more that so many gifts like WordPress themes, plugins, domain, hosting, online SEO service accounts, software other things in multiple times which may cost more than $2k. On other end, I gave SEO service for two clients and implement direct advertising and I got more $50 as well.

So, here is all about Versed Tech, a technology blog focused on Windows, Android, upcoming news and so on. I don’t know how to wish a blog on it’s birthday since this is first time in my life. On other end, you can enjoy the feelings of having a blog which is running smoothly for almost one year after facing so many problems.

Thanks for reading this and without you, I am nothing and thanks to all my readers, Facebook friends, Twitter following, family members, offline friends and to everyone who are with me behind this blog.

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