Freebyte Task Scheduler – Portable Tool to Open Any App at Predefined Time

You know that Windows Task Scheduler is good enough to execute specific task at predefined time either on regular basis or for single time. Suppose, you want to show some notes at guest users of your PC, just make use of this feature to set something on starting up of Windows so that guest user could see what you want to actually want.

But most of the people have been refusing this feature to use since it has lots of byzantine options and it is much time-consuming to understand them and use them decorously. In fact, I have faced so many problems due to wrong settings. Anyway, now I have found out an alternative to that default Windows feature which may help you a lot.

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Introducing Freebyte Task Scheduler:

This is however very easy to use and you could grab it at free of cost. [Download link has been provided below.]

On other end, it is a portable software. So, you don’t have to install it in order to use. Just download the .zip package and extract it. Then open the .exe file and start adding your tasks. Press the plus button to add task after one by one.

Freebyte Task Scheduler

You have to set up various things i.e. time of executing the task, task name to identify that faster and the .exe file of your app. Note: This is the most important part to set up a task.

Freebyte Task Scheduler

If you will add anything except .exe file, you will be greeted with the following message;

Freebyte Task Scheduler

Note: This is an example.


If you only need a Task Scheduler alternative, then Freebyte Task Scheduler would be the best choice when it also has some problems. 1. You have to run this app continuously. Means, you can’t close this app. Otherwise, you will face some problems. 2. As it is portable, no task will be implemented after rebooting.

So, after considering everything, we would not recommend you to use it for professional purpose. You can use it as a reminder like Wunderlist.

 Download:- Freebyte Task Scheduler

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