Make Your Biking Adventureous with Hammerhead LED Based Bike Navigator

Hammerhead is a smartphone connected bike navigation tool that can guide you with it’s LED based notifiers to keep your eyes safe while biking. With hammerhead you can discover great ride whether it is a hill or a desert area. You can get turn-by-turn instruction using hammerhead smart navigator.

The working procedure of hammerhead is very simple. To use hammerhead you definitely need hammerhead device. Apart from it you need a smart iphone or android phone with A-Gps facility. The hammerhead smartphone app using smartphone GPS indicate you with customized hammerhead LED about various upcoming information of your route and suggest you to a shorter and less crowded route to get smoother biking experience. You can use hammerhead almost fifteen hours at a time while biking.

As hammerhead continuously informs you about best possible path, so you might discover a new road for reaching your destination. Don’t be excited. Using hammerhead you can share the new discovered road with your friends instantly. Thank you those LEDs which can guide you at any level.

Some Details Feature of Hammerhead – A Guideline

As I already said that Hammerhed works with it’s functional LEDs and guide you for smoother and effortless biking on a crowded road. Now let me explain how and what it shows you.

The LEDs are very bright and it can double up front light of your bike. LEDs are placed in four different positions of a Hammerhead. Top, Center. Front and Sidelights. Differnt lights indicate different functionalities.

Center Light indicates when and where to turn, the distance to turns and distance to destination. It also indicates the starting and ending of a segment.

The top array indicates about left and right turns. A reds dot of top array with a sliding compass is used for accurate off road navigation. Front and side lights are used as a headlight to increase visibility at night time.

Hammerhead gives you real-time biking experience comparative to similar biking apps like Strava, MapMyRide etc. It can give you complete real time turn-by-turn guideline at the time of biking.

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