ShareX – A Screen Casting Tool with One Click Image Upload Facility

You know that there are so many apps and in-built feature to capture screen on a Windows computer. You can just press the Print Screen (prtScn) button to quickly capture current screen. Hence you can paste that on Paint or anywhere else to get the result as a .png or JPEG image. This is as easy as said. Previously I covered with a software call oCam which also help you to capture screen or record screen easily.

If you are a blogger or are doing anything professional where you have to embed some screen shots, you should consider using a professional tool like Snag-It. In fact I have been using it for a long time to capture what I want. But you will have to pay few couple of dollars to get the premium version of that screen casting tool where you can grab ShareX at free of cost.

Introducing ShareX – Screen Casting Tool:


It has some more facilities that you think. You can capture screen in different shape including Fullscreen, Window, Monitor, Rectangle, Rounded, Ellipse, Triangle, Polygon, Diamond, Free Hand and many more.

This is very easy to capture screen in a .gif image. Just select Screen Recorder and do whatever you want. On the other end, you can capture screen at preset time interval.


You can also upload your captured screen shots to imgur, Flickr, Picasa and many more. You will get some essential settings under Application Settings. The default image format is .png when you can change that from Task Settings. Just navigate to Task Settings, Image and Quality respectively.

You can also make short your URL through,,, and This is also possible to upload files to dropbox, Google Drive, and many other cloud storages.

After capturing a screenshot, you can add watermark, shadow, border, Print image and so on.


If you need minimalist options and outlook but want to do more with a tool, you can simply choose ShareX which is free of cost and very easy to use. Although you can consider using Snagit or Jing and other screen casting applications on your PC.

Download:- Sharex (Google Code)

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