Espier – Get iOS 7 like Appearance on Android for Free

To speak the truth that I was not a fan of iPhone, iPad or even the iOS. This is not only because of the unobtainability for me but also I didn’t like the interface. But the new iOS version call iOS 7 has arrived to attract those people who didn’t like their phones and it did. I love the UI which is so clear but everyone has to contemplate he price to buy.

Nevertheless iOS 7 beta has been divulged for developers but that has not yet been on the loose for consumers. There is a probability to get that very soon. But before using an iOS 7 device who else doesn’t want to give it a try on their Android phone?

Yes, Android is such a great OS, bent by Google, which has almost every kind of themes, perhaps it is known as Launcher. These Launchers are very easy to use and not yet so time-consuming to knob as well. Because of this, we earlier rooted with a Windows Phone launcher for your Android device.

Today I am going to present Espier Launcher that lets you turn Android phone into an iOS 7 device.

What will you get with Espier?

This is needless to say that you will get the user interface etc. Apart from that, you will acquire iOS style animation, shortcut manager, widget support etc. Calendar and clock will be looking like iOS too. While it comes with only one theme but you can download more other themes and icon styles indeed.

How to use Espier like a pro?

There is nothing which will be controlled by a pro. Furthermore, it has only some useful options to manage icon layout, icon locking system, icon sorting and backing up. You will get the taskbar under the dock. Just tap it over and swipe from left to right to get so from where you can access your phone’s connectivity. This is also conceivable to design custom app icon or replace current icon.

Here should be the end of this application but wait, here is not the end of this article. Here at this article, I will help you to renovate your Android phone to an iOS device utterly. The aforementioned app is just overwhelming but it has an unapproachability. You cannot change the lock screen. Means, your lock screen will act like Android even when you have enabled this launcher. So, to get rid of this issue, here is another app call Espier Screen Locker. It is associated with the launcher. Just install it and run over the launcher.

Espier Screen Locker:

Espier Screen Locker

You can set Pin lock, Passcode, Pattern Lock or even the iOS style slide lock using this screen locker. You can also change the mobile network name, show or hide the battery percentage and camera button and so on.


Inclusive enactment of Espier Launcher and Espier Screen Locker is just great. It is supported by almost every phone. But I would not suggest you to use this launcher if you have Android Gingerbread since it requires much memory what is unavailable on those phones.

That’s all! Hope these two apps would help you a lot in order to feel iOS on your Android phone.

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