Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview for Windows 7 is 30% Faster

Update: Microsoft has unveiled the full version of IE 11 for Windows 7. Read more at here.

Microsoft yesterday have launched beta version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 service pack 1 users. This version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 will be known as Release Preview version. Though the company have released the developer preview version of Internet explorer 11 before 2 months. Probably it is the last beta version before the final release.

Microsoft himself knows that the popularity of using internet explorer web browser is very less in the age of modern browsers like chrome, firefox and safari. Seeing this craziness Microsoft didn’t stop developing internet explorer. As many of us, who are using Windows 8 and above, can use IE 10 which is also a good browser supported with some modern features. However most of the Windows users today, are still using Windows 7. So for the Windows 7 users Microsoft have released this IE 11 preview version. Microsoft hopes that this will bring IE 11 to more than 50% windows users worldwide.

Microsoft already hopefully made a claim that IE 11 will be 30% faster than any other existing browser in the world today. According to Microsoft release note, this browser will provide 9% faster user experience than IE 10 and 5% faster than developer preview because Microsoft during the development of IE 11 gave their look at hardware acceleration.

SunSpider Results IE 11 RP Win7

Release Preview version of Internet Explorer 11 now supports 2D and 3D contents in the browser. It also supports pointer events which is very handy for touch users. Finally Microsoft introduces WebGL content in developer tools feature. Now this browser can find memory leaks too with a advance DOM explorer.

Finally F12 mode have been introduced to Internet Explorer 11 release preview for Windows 7 users. Like Google chrome and Firefox when you press F12, it will open developer menu. Developer menu of IE 11 release preview consists DOM Explorer, Javascript console, Debugger, Network tester, UI responsiveness, Profiler, Snapshot, Memory and Browser emulation. Now you can inspect an element of a webpage direct from Inspect Element option of Internet explorer release preview.

If you want to get the official copy of Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview for Windows 7 just head over to here and grab it without paying a single dollar. However be sure that you have installed Windows 7 service pack 1 on your desktop. Otherwise you miss will miss the opportunity.

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