Sony SmartWatch 2, Pebble & Galaxy Gear – What Should You Buy

You know that now a days, everyone wants to be more advance than yesterday. To compete with each other, most of the companies are unveiling new gadgets at IFA 2013. Also some of them have been doing so before that. Anyway, you know that there are so many wearable computers including Google Glass, Smart Watches etc. in the market and every day one company is revealing new gadget.

Anyway, there are top three smart watches in the market which are/will be available for consumers which are known as SmartWatch 2 by Sony, Pebble and Galaxy gear by Samsung. Although some people like iWatch but that will not be enlisted at here.

When it comes to buy one of those aforementioned smart watches, everyone becomes confused since all of them are really attractive, advanced and so on.

Sony SmartWatch 2:

This is really great in terms of looks and ease of access. You can access your compete phone using this smartwatch. It is supported by several new phones like Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra etc. It is your perfect daily life companion which is running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. There are hundreds of apps of Google Play which are being supported by this wireless gadget.

This is a waterproof smart watch which could run almost 4 days without charging. It has Bluetooth 3.0, Android 4.0+ and microUSB charger. In terms of app support, this is the best since it supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Music, Weather, Calendar etc. Along with them, you can manage your call logs and SMS too.

There is a good news for Indians. Now we can grab this smartwatch for Rs. 14990. Sony has launched it in India yesterday (18th September, 2013). Read More about Sony SmartWatch 2.


This is the best for iOS users and Android as well. You can access iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and any iPod which is running on iOS 5 and iOS 6. On other end, you must have Android ICS to access it. You can’t use it is association with Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Palm phones.


This is also great in terms of battery. It could provide 7 days battery backup. It has USB cable facility to make it recharged. This is also waterproof – you can swim too with wearing Pebble. It has only four buttons which make it easy to handle.

Apps: iMessage for iOS users, Facebook, Twitter, Weather reports, Calendar alerts etc.

Samsung Galaxy Gear:

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This is the most advanced smart watch out there. This is needless to say that it is being developed by Samsung and has been announced at IFA 2013. It runs on Android and comes with Samsung Exynos. It has been tied up with Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It also has 4GB of memory and 1.9MP of Camera.

On other end, it comes with 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, 315mAh battery and so on. You can also get ChatON messenger, Evernote, eBay etcon this watch. Though it has not yet been launched for consumers but we can buy it by 25th of September 2013 by spending $299.

Final Word:

I have tried to tell you everything about these three watches but now it is upon you and budget. But if you really want to wear and computer, you must have to buy anyone between these three master pieces.

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