Two Brilliant Ways to Remove Watermark from Windows 8.1 Preview Copy

Microsoft recently have launched Windows 8.1 (Blue) Preview copy for general Windows users. Those who are using Windows 8 or any other older version of Windows can give a try with this new version of Microsoft Windows. Like many other Windows user I have been using Windows 8 and at last install Windows 8.1 Preview to my computer. Why I try for Windows 8.1? Because I have heard that Microsoft fixes all the bugs of Windows 8 in the newer Windows 8.1 preview version.

As soon as I open Windows Blue desktop I find a watermark at the bottom right section of my Windows desktop. This shows the version of Windows is a evolution copy of Windows 8.1 Pro. Microsoft probably use the watermark to remind the users that they are using a preview copy of Microsoft Windows 8.1. However this permanent reminder annoy me and I have been looking for permanent solution to get rid of this reminder.

Two Brilliant Ways to Remove Watermark from Windows 8.1 Preview Copy

Method 1: How to Remove Watermark from Windows 8.1 Preview

Mytechblog in an article describes the way brilliantly to remove Windows watermark. Just download the files from here and follow the video tutorial to remove Windows 8.1 preview watermark permanently.

Warning: Versedtech will not take any responsibility for any damage of your computer

Steps are as follows:

  • Download the zip file from the given link.
  • Install ‘Take Ownership’ registry file to computer registry.
  • Take ownership of two files:
  • Right click on both of the files to take ownership.
  • Copy the files from ‘Edited Files’ folder and replace them with original one (file paths are mentioned above).
  • If you find any error message like “File is already in use” at the time of file replacement, just rename the original windows file, then paste the ‘Edited Files’ at the destination directory.
  • Now open command prompt as administrator (run as admin) and type following command:
  • It will take few seconds to run and execute the command.
  • Restart your computer to apply all the changes you made. Now you will find no watermark at your Windows desktop.

Method 2: Remove Windows Watermark Using Third-Party Software

My WCP Watermark Editor is another software that can completely remove watermark of any Windows version. It can be capable of removing watermark from Windows 8.1 Preview 32 bit and 64 bit copy. You can download the software either form Softpedia or you can use this link to download My WCP Watermark Remover.

This freeware is very much needed to you if you decide to stick with release preview version rather than buying the original windows version of 8.1.

remove windows 8.1 preview watermark

Run the program as administrator and tick the box beside “Remove all watermark” (as marked in the fig.) and click “Apply New Setting” to remove preview/evolution copy watermark from windows 8.1 release preview desktop.

With this software you can add your own watermark also to your windows desktop. For this you need to remove the tick from “Remove all watermark” option and fill the edition and build field with your own name or with your pet’s name. Restart your computer to apply effect.

Image Credit: Vernieman

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