Bad News for Apple 5S Users – Your FingerPrint Lock is not yet the Best Security System

You know that Apple is one of the best companies which provides iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc. to us and they unveiled two new iPhones, call iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S at IFA13. Both of them have attained with tons of enhancements including Apple TouchID or FingerPrint lock which is obtainable on Apple iPhone 5S.

What is Apple TouchID on iPhone 5S?

Affording to Apple, this is the most safe security system ever which can’t be cracked by any hacker, third party tool or by any other family member since your fingerprint won’t be matched with anyone else in this planet. You can use this locking system on your iPhone 5S instead of password or pin lock or any other kind of locking system.

You can preclude anyone from purchasing apps from app store, iTunes store, iBook store using this TouchID. The next big thing is the competency of 360˚ rotation. Means you can put your finger from any end to unlock.

Apple has told us that this is the best security system ever which cannot be industrialized and realized by any other companies out there. They also told us that you can use that without having any problem.

Latest Record of Apple:

You know that Apple has made a record by selling 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C within week and they have activated 200 million iOS 7 devices before this week. This is a great achievement for Apple since they has bested Android 4.3 and 4.2 by activating more devices. According to a survey, Android has only 564, 000 Jelly Bean (4.3) users even after 2 months of launching and 49 million Android Jelly Bean (V4.2) users when Apple has almost 200 million iOS 7.0 users just after launching 3 days. Anyway that is a different story.

What is the problem with iPhone 5S’s TouchID?

You know that whenever any new gadget hits the market, millions of hackers just jump into that phone to break that viciously. Sometime, companies like Apple makes challenge to break their own security. Most the time it doesn’t help when sometime that break helps those companies very much to create more secure locking system or anything else.

Apple TouchID hacked

Here, at iPhone 5S, Apple TouchID has been hacked by Chaos Computer Club, a hacker team from Germany. According to a report of BBC, hackers have made an artificial fingerprint of a specific person who is using iPhone 5S.

How did they hack Apple TouchID?

Apple TouchID hacked

That’s all! The most secure security system has been broken. But according to some sites like VentureBeat, that is not yet so big deal at all.

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