MetroSidebar – Free Charms Bar Replacement of Windows 8.1

You know that Windows 8.1 in now on it’s way to release by Microsoft by the third week of next month. But before unveiling full version of Windows 8.1, they have unveiled the release preview version for consumers. Although Microsoft has improved this Windows 8.1 RP but still I don’t like some features i.e Charms Bar. Whenever you place your mouse in the top-right section of your screen, you would come across to this Charms Bar from where you can access your PC settings and more others.

There might have tons of reasons behind this turning off but today I will just show you how you can do so. On the other end, it is not yet so much useful for normal guys like you and me. Anyway, you don’t have an expert knowledge to do the similar thing on your Windows 8.1 RP PC.

How to replace Charms Bar of Windows 8.1?

This is however very easy with MetroSidebar. Just download a copy of this app from the link that is given below and install it on your PC. Note:- It requires .NET Framework 4.0.

After opening this app, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

MetroSidebar - Replace Charms Bar of Windows 8.1

Means, whenever you will place your mouse at the top-right section of your screen, this additional charms bar will be appeared in the place of default Charms Bar.

It comes with fewer options from where you set whether it will start on logging in or not etc. Or you can also make it Auto-Hide.

MetroSidebar - Replace Charms Bar of Windows 8.1

This is also possible to add other features like Alarm, bttery Info (for laptop), Media Player, User Account Info and so on.

MetroSidebar - Replace Charms Bar of Windows 8.1

There are also so many features of this app. But you have to use this for getting them.

That’s all! Hope this new app, MetroSidebar, could help you a lot to replace Charms Bar of Windows 8.1.

Download:- Metro Sidebar

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