How to Configure Internet Connection for Virtual Mac OS X

Windows users often use virtual platform to install another operating system like Mac or Ubuntu. Generally Ubuntu can be installed on a Windows based Pc. But normal Pc does not support the kernal for installing Mac on a pc. So Mac Os lovers who have yet to get a Mac book, can use Mac Os virtually on a Windows Platform.

VMware is such a software that let you install Mac OS X inside your Windows OS. Though for this purpose many tweaks are necessary for VMware as well as for installed Mac OS X. You can Google it to get those info. You can find those method in this blog later.

However if you have just completed Mac installation on your Windows PC and yet to struggle for creating internet connection for your Mac OS, then this article can assist you to configure internet connection.

There are basically three network configuration types are available for a VMWare based Mac Os X user. Bridged Connection, NAT connection and Host Only connection. There are also another two types of network connections available – either you can create a custom network connection for your Mac Mountain Lion OS or you might configure a Lan Segment for making a network connection.

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Configure Internet Connection for  Virtual Mac OS X with USB Data Stick

Now-a-days 3G Modem or data card become very popular as it is a portable data connector which provides high speed internet connection. So let see you to create configuration to use internet on a Virtual Mac Operating System (here I am using Mac OS X 10.8.2).

First of all open Mac OS and navigate to system preferences >> Network. Click ‘+’ button to add new network setting. Now add the values of ip address, subnet mask, router and dns server and save it. (The values of the below screenshot differs from you).

Configure Internet Connection for Virtual Mac OS X

If you fail to get those values, then you can use linux to get those values because linux ubuntu gathers these above values during automatic network configuration. Either call your network service provider for getting those addresses for network configuration.

Now,open VMware and navigate to VM >> Removable Devices >> Network Adapter >> Setting and select NAT as network type so that this allows you to share host a computer’s ip address and then save and connect it. Now you can easily connect to internet from your Mac Os X mountain lion operating system.

Please share how to Configure Internet Connection for Virtual Mac OS X if any other method works for you.a

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