Pansi SMS – A Better Way to Manage Your SMS on Android

You know that Android is one of the best mobile platforms out there which comes with tons of apps, games and more others. Usually, every phone has at least two options which let you make call and text.

As Android is bit different from other OS, in addition it comes with some different options. For example, you can make a SMS favorite so that you can protect that from being erased.

Everything is ok till now. But if you would like to get most out of your existing messaging service, you ought to install a third party tool like Pansi SMS. This is totally free of cost and obtainable on Google Play Store.

Introducing Pan SMS:

It has so many options but not yet much convoluted. You will surely be acquaint with this new messaging app. It will be linked with your existing messaging service so that you can handle them right from this newly installed application.

Pansi SMS

After opening it on your phone, you will come across to a screen from where you have to select theme and change other appearance settings. It also supports MMS along with SMS. I don’t know whether every Android phone shows all texts in conversion style or not but if your phone doesn’t show that, Pan SMS will assist you to get so.

Features of Pansi SMS:

  • Widget on Home Screen
  • Add emoji in SMS
  • SMS popup and quick reply
  • Save SMS content as a calendar content
  • Full SMS/MMS support
  • Scheduled SMS
  • iOS style appearance
  • Multi language support
  • Powerful filter and notification

You can filter your hundreds of texts by different filter i.e. Unread, Undelivered etc. You can also get texts by new or old.

Pansi SMS

That’s it! There are also so many option in this little app. Just grab a copy of Pansi SMS and try it for once. Hope it will grab your attention very much.

Download:- Pansi SMS (Google Play)

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