Kids Place – Best Android Parental Control App To Keep Your Kid Safe

You know that kids are now more advanced than you with hundreds of advance applications. Whatever you need, you will get corresponding application on internet at free of cost. If you are a dad/mom of a kid, you often noticed your child to listen to music what your phone has or browser internet/YouTube to watch videos and so on.

You may use different app lockers what we brought up before or you can search on Google Play or any other third party resources. That is laid-back but not a perpetual elucidation of your problem. That’s where Kids Place comes in.

What is Kids Place?

Kids Place is the best Android parental control app. You can assuredly preclude your kid from being engaged with YouTube or even your signed in Facebook account. Although you are always in safe side but still Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites are not yet so good for any kid. Here Kids Place plays a dynamic role in order to inhibit your kid from getting into unambiguous app.

Kids Place, Best Android Parental Control App:

You might ask that why is it best. Yes, you know that there are also some apps like BitDefender which affords parental control but I don’t like that myself since it doesn’t offer to generate account for individuals.

How to use this best Android parental control app like a pro?

Actually, there is nothing which has need of “Pro”. The main thing that you will have to do is set a 4-digit PIN. It entails on every change and keeps your kid from retrieving apps which you haven’t chosen for him/her.

After indicating the PIN and tallying email ID, just go to the core interface from where you have to create new user (recommended) and start adding apps which you would like to be opened by that third party user.

Best Android Parental Control App

Whenever someone will press the Home button, he/she will come across to the ensuing page from where the original home screen will be forwarded to Kids Place home screen.

Best Android Parental Control App

It too has several options. You can allow or prohibit internet, phone calls, check whether it will start on starting up or not etc. if you want to add more apps for your kids, you can make the icon size small. It also looks better that default.

Best Android Parental Control App

How to stop Kids Place?

You should know this trick which is very easy too. But don’t worry, your kid can’t do so owing of Pin. Just press the first button from left on notification arena and enter your predefined Pin.


If you really wish to do something in contradiction of those detrimental mobile and different social networking websites, there is no substitute to Kids Place. Even though I am not a dad, but I know what a kid does with a smartphone. So, you ought to install it on your phone which is the best Android parental control app.

Download:- Kids Place (Google Play)

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