How to Share Files, Folders with Windows Host and Vmware OS X Mountain Lion

Windows users can take the fluid of Macbook direct from his Windows based Pc or laptop. Using Vmware Mac Installation a windows user can avail all the mac features including cd/dvd rom access, usb drive access, network and internet sharing etc. In my previous tutorial I have mentioned how to configured internet connection on a virtual Mac OS X Mountain Lion. One can easily use internet dongle using vmware NAT setting. Now people use to google a simple question i.e. “How to share files, folders with Host and Virtual OS”. In general we could not find any physical common hard drive section of the Windows host while we use Mac Os X with a Vmware based virtual Machine. But enabling ‘Shared folder’ option one can easily access a common folder from both Windows and Mac Os x. Apart from folder, you can share a whole drive and use it as a shared drive option using Vmware.

Set Up ‘Shared Folder’ for a Virtual Machine : Quick Tip

At first open Virtual Machine (Vmware) and start Mac Os X. Now from the Vmware top menu section select VM and navigate to Settings. Click ‘Settings..’. It opens up a new window that is “Virtual Machine Setting” window. Now open Options tab. Select ‘Shared Folder’ and under Folder Sharing Option (at the right pane) choose ‘Always Enabled‘. Now click add button and browse the folder or drive that you want to choose as a shared location and give it a name ( this name will be visible as a shared folder name for your virtual drive ) and save it. You can add more than one folder as a shared folder. Note: If you want a folder to be shared for one time then choose “Enable Until Next Power off or suspend” option rather than using ‘Always Enabled’. This second method ensures more security for your host computer. os x mountain lion vmware shared folder Now open Mac OS X home screen and press Apple Logo and select restart option to restart your virtual machine. After restarting press Shift+Windows+Shift button together to open Computer list and from there select “Vmware Shared Folders” to find the shared folder or drive. This video tutorial will make you understand the whole procedure in a detail fashion.

This works truely great for me. It is the most trusted method to share files and folders with Windows Host and Vmware Mac OS X. What do you think?

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