How to Improve Internet Connection by 67% without Paying More

You know that “Internet” is the most popular term in these present days between everyone. No matter whether you are a student or retire serviceman or housewife or anything else, if you are reading this article, I am sure that the term, Internet, is not an obscure word to you.

Now a days, 99% phones come with internet connection facility. In fact, without this, you won’t buy a phone. Isn’t it? Getting a smartphone or computer or laptop or tablet is not a difficult task but this is much tough to improve internet connection.

Everywhere is internet. Even Google has been developing some great balloons which will provide internet connection in different locations. Anyway, today I am going to mention some tips which could enhance your data connection.

How to improve internet connection?

This is not so easy like using a software on your PC or phone. Sometime, you might have to pay some money too.

Use Unlimited Data Package:

You know that there are some ISPs who provide unlimited as well as limited data connection packages to users. If you are using a limited data connection instead of unlimited package, I suggest you to switch to unlimited package since limited package has so many restrictions and data limit is one of them. Your ISP can’t provide you the original speed what it should be according to your monthly price.

 Use Chrome on Your PC:

No matter which data package you are using but Chrome is always the best in terms of download and browsing speed. I have compared this browser with others i.e. Firefox, Internet Connection but I didn’t get any alternative to this web browser. If you don’t like to use that, give Opera Mini or Opera Next a try.

Use Less Apps/Extensions in Your Browser:

You know that now you can install apps or extensions in your browser which let you do something faster. But number of extensions is just similar to your data connection. Means, you will get less internet speed if you are using more extensions or apps.

Don’t Download and Browse Simultaneously:

Suppose, you are using a 2mbps data connection. Obviously, you will get 400-500kbps download speed. So, if you are downloading something as well as browsing internet, your existing speed will be divided by two. Thus, you will get less speed than usual.

Scan Your PC by Anti-Virus:

if you are browsing internet, it is obvious that your PC will get affected by malware/spyware etc. and these kinds of thing make PC and internet connection slower. So, I would suggest you to use a strong antivirus like Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials or anything else which offers real-time scanning.

 Connect Less Device with One Router:

There are so many people who use Wi-Fi router with Cable Broadband connection. Don’t think to get the same speed on more than one device. How many device you will connect, your speed will be reduced accordingly. So, try not to use 5/6 devices with one Wi-Fi router.

Use Google DNS:

If you are using Cable broadband connection then it is Open DNS which is provided by your ISP and it is not yet so good as you expect. Just switch to Google DNS from Open DNS to get a better speed.

That’s all! Hope each point will be helpful for you to improve internet connection if you are getting less than actual. If you still have any other problem, feel free and ask us.

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