Simplenote – The Minimalist Note Taking App for Android, iOS, MAC and Kindle

You know that now a days, everyone is looking for a tool which could provide the best but has minimalist options. Previously we told about a lot of tools, guides by which you have done so many complicated things in a simple way.

Just like all those previous guides, today I am going to introduce a note taking application that is available for Android, MAC, iOS and Kindle users. Previously we told about Google Keep which is another great option with some useful features.

In our busy schedule, it becomes very difficult to remember everything. Sometime, we forget the most important thing where we do remember other small tasks. But if you are using a smart device like Android or iPhone, it will be very easy to keep everything in your mind.

Introducing Simplenote:

Simplenote is one of the best note taking apps out there and you can install it on each aforementioned platform. It is only three or four option to do everything what you need. But don’t think that it won’t comply your requirements.


First Look:

Previously I used Colornote (even still I am using it) which is just great and allows you to set master password as well as. But after getting a look at Simplenote, it becomes very difficult to again switch to Colornote. It has a great appearance on black & white.

Take Note:

Taking a note by making use of Simplenote is as simple as said. Just open this app and press the plus (+) button to start writing what you think.


This is next big thing what Simplenote has. It means, you can separate your notes by adding multiple tags. It will assist you to pick out a particular note from a large number of notes.


There is another great feature which is known as Pin. If you have an important note, you can Pin that note. It will appear at top of all notes.


Sharing is caring. You can easily share your notes with your friends or anyone else over different communication methods like Facebook, Email etc.

I think here should be the end of this article but I recommend you to use this app. There is also some other apps for your smart platforms, but as it has fewer but helpful features, I always suggest you to use this application if you like minimalism.

Image Credit:- TNarik

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