How to Speed up Your Windows Booting by 79%

Windows booting is such a great thing which designates whether your PC is really slow or not. Even though boot-time rely on various things like how much RAM you have, quality of processor, number of app you have added on Windows logging in and so on.

Whenever someone reads an article on the web about boosting the boot time, he/she believes on that. But actually most of the tricks won’t work effectively.

Whenever you are talking about Windows boot, you should calculate the boot time first. Then, you need to do other things. A stopwatch is not enough to compute the time impeccably. You need a tool to do so. That’s where BootRacer comes in.

Introducing BootRacer:

This is a freeware for non-commercial use. Just install it and set it at start up. How to set it up? This is very easy. Just open the app on your PC and press the button which says Boot Time Test.

It requires a restart to complete entire process. Just do that and you will get the following screen as a result.

Speed up Your Windows Booting

This screen shows that Windows boot took most of the time and desktop loading took a few seconds. In this way, you can calculate the exact time and pick out the exact problem for what you are getting bad user experience.

Note:- This snap has taken before doing anything with this app.

How to speed up your Windows booting?

Now you can use different third party software to eliminate needless startup apps because this screenshot shows that Windows boot is taking a lot time. So, this is obvious that there are so many apps which are set on starting up.

You can either use third party app or System Configuration window to remove apps from start up. In Windows 8/8.1, you will get this option on Task Manager.

Just open it and navigate to Startup tab. Then deactivate gratuitous apps and save your changes.

That’s it! Hope this boot time calculator would help you to speed up your Windows booting.

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