How to Install Third Party Apps on Mac OS X – Security Matters

There is no doubt that Mac is a popular operating system between blogger and office stuffs as well as students. Although it takes few times to be intimate with Mac OS X for a Windows user but after using it for a few while, you won’t switch to Windows again from Mac.

Mac comes with good security features like you can add password when buying anything from App Store or almost every where to prevent others from using your Mac in your absence. This feature might be looking like Ubuntu but actually it is not.

If you have used Android previously, you know that there is an option which prevents you and others from installing third party apps in your phone. But you can also install third party apps by doing a trick with that given option after downloading corresponding .apk files.

Just like this, Mac also patronize users from installing apps from outside of Mac Apvp Store. Mac App Store is covered by tons of free and paid applications by top developers. You will get so many useful apps from there. But sometime, we need to install an app which is not there at Mac App Store. For instance, if you want to install Google Chrome on your Mac OS X, you will be greeted with an error message which will show you that you can’t install apps from outside of Mac App Store.

So, how to install third party apps on Mac OS X?

This is however very easy to convince your computer that you want to install outside apps which have been developed by your known developer or which is malware free.

All you have to do is just make a change in your default security settings. To get started, navigate through System Preferences which is situated in your default dock. Then click the option which says Security & Privacy. Now you have to click the Lock Button and unlock the page to make changes.

Then select Anywhere under Allow applications downloaded from and press the Allow from Anywhere button.

Install Third Party Apps on Mac OS X

That’s all! You have almost done. Now you can download and install any apps from the web.

Disc.:- We don’t recommend you to enable this option. Use it at your own risk.

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