How to Remove Duplicate Picture from Your Mac OS X

Pictures are great. It helps us to remember our happy moments all the time. Now a days, you can capture photo from almost every kind of gadgets like phone, tablet, iPhone, PC (using LiveCam) and all others. Some average quality mobiles capture photo which are maximum 2mb in size but some high quality mobiles or digital cameras capture photo which are more than 10mb in size.

So, if you have a good hard drive then its ok but most of the time we not only store picture but also we have documents, music, videos and so on. In such a situation, we face problems due to low memory. Sometime we remove picture, musics etc. without taking a look at them.

In this way, we lose our important images or other media files. There is another problem behind low memory. Sometime we create backup of our phone’s media files in your PC whenever we download something new. in this way, we store so many duplicate files in hard drive and face low memory issue frequently.

You can search by name in order to find duplicate files but it not worth trying because duplicate files cannot be picked out only by name. You might have more than one copy of same file with multiple names i.e. cute-baby.png, cute-baby.jpg, cute-baby49.png and so on. If you are facing this issue on Windows then it is bit easy to find them out when you might fall in some critical problem on Mac OS X since there are only few couple of apps which can be used at these moments.

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Introducing PhotoSweeper to remove duplicate picture from OS X:

PhotoSweeper is such a great app which works like charm for finding duplicate pictures. On the other end, this is very easy to use as well. Just download PhotoSweeper and open it on your Mac.

After opening PhotoSweeper, add pictures in this app from where you will get duplicate picture.

Remove Duplicate Picture

After adding images, select Duplicates Only under Comparison Method.

Remove Duplicate Picture

Then press the Compare button. It takes a few seconds to scan your pictures.

Remove Duplicate Picture

Only original one (only one) will be shown in green label and others will be shown in red.

That’s it! Hope PhotoSweeper will be helpful for you to remove duplicate pictures from your Mac.

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