Free App to Record Screen in GIF on Mac OS X to Share with Friends

Mac OS X is great and all the apps around OS X are vivid as well. You can do almost everything like Windows. Even though this is very tough to make it user friendly for Windows user but after using for few couple of days, you will be familiar with OS X.

On the other end, there are so many cloud based apps which accept animated gif pictures to share with friends. You can easily record screen in gif using QGifer on Windows or there are also some web apps to create gif image. You can easily record videos from Mac and upload them to different web apps to get result in gif but today I am going to introduce you totally different tool which makes animated GIF image right from your desktop.

You can record everything with this and control it using hotkeys. The next big thing is it create image in low memory but quality is good enough to be befitted that in a wide screen. The name of this brilliant app is LICEcap and this is really light-weight (only 800kb in size). You can also use it on your Windows PC.


it is supported by almost each OS including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.4+. The other requirement is great CPU of your computer.

How to record screen in GIF on Mac OS X?

This is however very easy and not yet so time-consuming. Just open this app – you will come across to the following screen after opening;

Record Screen in GIF on Mac OS X

Press the record button and enter other details like Title, name, save location and so on.

Record Screen in GIF on Mac OS X

After doing all, press the “Save” button and start doing what you want to record. To stop the recording, press “Stop” button. Yes, it’s as simple as said. Hope this LICEcap would help you a lot.

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