Use Windows Readyboost to Create Virtual RAM with USB Flash Drive

Readyboost is a Windows feature that helps you to create a virtual RAM using a usb flash drive to speed up your computer. One can use this Windows feature With Windows 8, Windows 7 and even with older version of Windows like Windows Xp. Using readyboost Windows 7/8 users can speed up there computer performance somehow if they are using relatively lower hardware configuration.

Now how can I use Windows readyboost feature to speed up my PC? When you connect USB drive to a Windows computer you should find a popup Window.

Look at the picture and see the third option which I miss every moment. The option says “Speed Up My System“. When you go with that option you will find the following Window (See the below screenshot).

Spped up Windows system

Alternatively You can use the following path to go to same Windows option:

Right Click on Usb Flash Drive >> Go to ‘properties’ Option >> Choose ‘Readyboost’ Tab to view the same Window

You can find three options right there under “Speed up your system by utilizing the available space on this device”. The options are as follows:

  1. Do not use this device
  2. Dedicate the device to Readyboost.
  3. Use this device.

“Dedicate the device to Readyboost” option choose automatically maximum usage of the drive and use it as a virtual RAM. But be sure your USB drive should have at least 1 GB leftover space to make Readyboost feature working.

So it is better to go with “Use this device” option. This option let you choose manually how much space you want to use as a virtual RAM. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

Readyboost Windows 8 configuration

Now it is configured for your device cache and run the computer from Cache memories when possible.

Note: Readyboost supports NTFS, FAT32 and eXFAT file sysatem. Try to choose large allocation unit for better performance.

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