How to Encrypt Folder in Windows 7 using Lock-A-Folder

You know that hackers are always around you and that’s why you should do different essential things in order to protect your privacy. If you are talking about Windows start up password, then it is not a big deal to decode your PC for a tricky guy.

On the other end, you should also use other procedures to make your PC safer and more secure. Generally, most of you use paid folder or file locker after downloading from torrent. But that is not fair. If you are using a strong antivirus, I am sure that your antivirus will detect them as malware. That is where an original folder locker comes in.

So, today I am going to show you such a great free open source software to encrypt folder in Windows 7, XP and Vista. This is under Google development and there is nothing to worry about it’s working method. This software is known as Lock-A-Folder and you can grab it from Google Code site. [Download link given below]

According to me, this is far better to sue a free lightweight folder locker instead of a premium locked which has downloaded from torrent site.

How to encrypt folder in Windows 7 using Lock-A-Folder?

This is however very easy and not yet so much time-consuming. Just download and install it on your PC and start using it. At first, you have to enter a master password.

Encrypt Folder in Windows 7

Then you will get a window something like the following picture;

Encrypt Folder in Windows 7

Just press the Lock A Folder button and select a folder that you want to encrypt.

That folder should contain your files what you want to password protect.


This is as good as bad. If someone will navigate through the following arena


And delete the corresponding entry, you will lose your data forever. So, be aware. Otherwise, it is good enough.

Download:- Lock-A-Folder

Alternatively you can use Exces on Mac OS X to protect your folders using password.

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