Best Free Android News App – Keep Updating with Latest Technology

You know that Android is one of the best operating system for mobile and tablets. Millions of people who are using this platform for over five years.

Nevertheless, when it comes to “news”, you should always pick out the best app for you mobile so that you will be notified by every latest updates from different sites. You can use various feed reader on your Android device to get news from subscribed sites but I would not recommend you to do so when you wish to know about all kind of recent updates. That is where Android News app comes in.

Therefore, today I am going to introduce you two different free news applications that keep you updating always with different types of news including sports, Science, Technology and so on.


This is one of the best Android news app which is available at free of cost as well as it is lightweight. This is an Editor’s choice app and obtainable on Android 2.2 and later versions. If you choose a RSS reader then you have to add sites manually when FlipBoard have already added best sites including Techcrunch, he Verge, TheNextWeb, Forbes, Mashable and more other where people could get top news around the world.

The appearance is also better than any other feed reader is and you can save any article to read that later. You can create your own FliBoard and share that with your friends over different communication apps i.e. Facebook, Gmail etc.

Google Currents:

It does what it says. Means, you will get top and latest updates around the planet on different topics like Sports, technology, Business and so on. This is available for iPad and iPhone also.


At here, you will get top news from Techcrunch, The Guardian, Forbes and more other popular sites. The looks of Google Currents is bit different from Flipboard but much better than other apps i.e. Feedly. You can also sort articles based on location, video or text, quality of story and many more.


If you are using Android and want to be update with current updates then I would recommend you to use either Flipboard or Google Currents. If you need more flexibilities, then Pulse is there to help you.

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