How to Enable Instant Search to find Tabs Quickly in Chrome

Chrome is one of the best web browser for major platforms like Windows, Android, Mac OS X and so on. Thousands of Chrome extensions and apps would help you a lot in order to spice up your browsing familiarity.

This is faster than any other well-known web browsers. You can simply make use of different extensions to do something even faster. Today’s extension, Tab Ahead, is something like that.

Assume that you have opened 12 tabs under one Chrome window. Perceptibly, that is much problematic to pick out the meticulous tab what you are looking for. At such a situation, opt in to Tab Ahead that will let you find a specific tab almost instantly.

When someone is reading an attentive article on a blog or Wikipedia, this is recognizable that most of the people go through some internal links what the page editor made to know more about that or related things. But we often open lot of tabs to read something from A to Z. Hence, we can’t evoke something that is located on a particular page.

So, instead of going to each page and search for that, you can use Tab Ahead that lets you pick out something according to tab title/page title or URL. That is really helpful since if you don’t remember the exact phrase, you will get that through instant search.

Tab Ahead is wonderful in this point of view because most of the other extensions do not have this option for users.

How to use Tab Ahead?

There is not a grim option or feature that is belong to tab Ahead. If you have fallen such a situation when you have to use this extension, just head on to the extension bar (beside URL bar) and press the consistent icon and start typing/searching. If you need hotkey, then Alt+T is for you.

Enable Instant Search to find Tabs Quickly in Chrome

The settings pane of this extension has only one option to choose either Current Window or All Windows for searching your keyword.

That’s it! Hope this extension will help you very much.

Via: LifeHacker

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