A Better Camera is Better than Native Android Camera App

You know that Android is a major platform out there in mobile operating system world. Hundreds of million people are using this OS since past few years to be unconventional with modern technology.

Photo capturing is one of my hobbies ever. I always capture photos of random happy moments. But sometime I miss an unknown thing when using the intrinsic camera app even though my phone’s camera is good enough.

After using few third party camera apps, I have found “A Better Camera” app which is really better than native camera app.

Introducing A Better Camera:

It has more than an adequate amount of options that may perhaps accomplish your petition at any situation. It comes with few more options that your default camera app doesn’t have. For instance, you know that “continuous shoot” is very useful feature of any kind of camera but if your Camera app cannot shoot unremittingly, you can merely opt in to this third party tool to do the similar thing. It could shoot more than five pictures at one time.

There are numerous focus modes i.e. Macro, Continuous, Auto and Infinity to capture a better photo with perfect focus. The Pre-shot option would help you to capture the image before pressing the actual Capture button.

The HDR option will help you to capture a photo looking like taken with a DSLR or other high-end digital camera. On the other end, if your phone can’t capture photo in low light, you can increase the brightness and put your camera in Night mode to capture a better photo.

It has less option compared with the features but that is enough to run it according to your requirement.

A Better Camera

You can select the mega pixel and resolution in which you want to capture a particular photo. On the other end, you can make use of the Volume button to capture images.

If you need more out of this simple application, you can put battery status on screen as well as number of images, scene mode, focus mode, flash mode and many more. There are also few couple of options in this application.

Download: A Better Camera (Google Play Store)

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