Audium For Mac – Use Multiple Social Networking Site From One Place

If you don’t like the iMessage on your Mac, it becomes much difficult to find an alternative which could accept other messenger services like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Bonjour and other popular services. This is much difficult to point out who is online in Gtalk and the overall messenger’s features are not yet much attractive.

There are some people who think that the default messenger service is better since it is made by Apple but I don’t think so. Nothing is perfect and the default instant messenger is one of them.

But here are some people who need more than this inbuilt messenger app. For them, Adium is just perfect. You can add several instant messenger services in this app, Adium. Adium supports almost 18 services including Gtalk, Facebook, AOL Instant Messenger, Twitter, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and so on.

How to set up Adium?

This is however very easy to set and use Adium on your Mac OS X. Just download a free copy of Adium and start installing. During installation, you will have to add an online account to bypass other issues.

After installing and opening it on your computer, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Adium for Mac

To start chatting, just select one friend and start typing. You can add link, emoji, photo and more other what you want to send. ALike most of the Mac apps, it also work from the menu bar. Just go to there and navigate through Options >> Adium preferences. It will open the setting pane of Adium.

Adium for Mac

To add more account to use them, just go to Accounts tab and click the plus button to add. You can do more with this settings pane.

Where Adium excels?

Adium is free application for OS X which is available for current versions including Mavericks. On the other end, you will get notifications when your friend will be online on Facebook or Gtalk or any other online service. It also supports multiple accounts.

Download: Adium

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